where are my words?

it kills me to know that you are hurting.
and that there is nothing i can do to fix it.
or ease it.
or make it better.
i wish i could take it on for you.
absorb it.
but i can't.

i don't even know if i am doing a good job being here for you.

i don't even know what to say to you.
i just want to hold onto you and hope that you can feel my empathy.
i wish i could just hug the hurting away.
but i can't.

i hope the pain dulls.
i hope this weekend offers you some kind of closure.
some kind of peace.
and a chance to say goodbye...

i don't know why it is so hard for me to spit out.
i don't think i have said anything to your face.
when you told me all i could spit out was your name.
i can hardly find the words now...talking to a screen that i don't even think you read.

babe, i am so sorry for your loss. so sorry for your pain. so very, very sorry....
i feel so much more than that, but that is all that i can seem to get out.
i am so sorry.


Jeanee said...

WOW. Like the purple. So you're not in the black darkness anymore?

P.S. You look super cute on your new profile photo!

Katy said...

you were there. i don't think he needed anything else. that was rough. i'm happy we were all together through it.

terra said...

thanks jeanee! i decided it was time for a change. this template's default setting is the black, so i wanted to change it up.
and thanks for the photo comment too:) you are sweet. the boyfriend took it at a royals game.