costco sells coffins.

isn' t that weird?
go to costco.com and search for coffin. i would give you the link but i am too lazy. you can get your coffin expedited for those unplanned deaths and standard for when you know they are going to kick the bucket. you can also purchase urns for human ashes, urns for pet ashes and keepsakes (what ever the fuck those are).
speaking of pets...
my neighbors fucking catS were INSIDE my apartment when i got home.
since the last post, romeo found his way onto my deck again and the neighbor gave me a flower and a note thanking me for taking care of her cats and that hopefully it would stop soon.
well maybe it would stop soon if she...oh...i don't know.....DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT?
anyway...i came home from work, grabbed laundry, hung out with mo and did laundry at her place, met friends at the p&l (more on that at a later date)...and got home around 10:30. i had left my screen door cracked so my cats could enjoy my balcony in this wonderful weather. when i opened my door bacon was sitting on the back of the futon and then i saw romeo in my dressing room and then a black cat came bounding out of my room...this cat was not clem, it was too big...and as soon as i process that thought here comes clementine tearing after this other cat.
clem is a badass bitch.
so i get both her cats on the balcony. my cats are pissed...clem was at the door hissing and growling at the other cats, bacon was hissing at everything.
i went downstairs...negligent cat mom was not home. i came back up and wrote her a letter on post its explaining that both her cats were on my balcony and gave her my number to call me. i also explained to her that i was going to be out of town for a number of days and that she should probably make sure they don't get on my balcony or i don't know how she will get them back.
then i came into my room and the other black cat jumped on to my window sill...thank god there are two windows and not just one like with the kitchen window...so i pop the screen out, get the cat, throw it in my bathroom. clem is going nuts at the door. bacon is hissing at me and clem and the door. at this point i go back down and write her a fourth post it telling her to call me no matter what time is was. that my cats were going crazy and i wasn't sure what to do with hers.
just when i am about to recreate the makeshift litter box from before, she called. and came up and got them. i carried one down for her. i asked her if she had called the landlord and she said no.
i told you your cat almost died before and you still don't want to get it fixed? she said she thought she could fix it herself. when i took the cat to her apartment i realized that maybe she didn't want apartment people in there because she has cut circles out of her bedroom door. a good half of the way up. really? (it looks like she traced the bottom of a beer can. great idea...if you own the door you are cutting them out of)
maybe if you spent half of the time it took you to cut holes in your door on patching the goddamn hole in the wall then we wouldn't be in this situation?!?
i once again explained to her obviously aloof self that i would not be here for the next few days and that the cats will be stuck there.
i highly doubt she will do anything. all she needs to do is buy a hook and eye latch and put it where the cats can't reach it. i know, i know, it is rocket science. i am asking a lot here.
after all this shit is done i hear a dog whining...and then barking...and then all the other dogs in the building start barking.
i love animals. it is cruel to keep your big dog locked up in a tiny apartment like this. and if you feel that it is appropriate have some fucking respect for those of us that live here.
i can't wait when i move out to tell them about how i am leaving because of the dogs and i am afraid my med school rock band obsessed weirdo neighbor is going to burn down the building grilling on his wood deck with a synthetic blend awning overhead. that isn't really the reason...but it easily could be.

what all of this has to do with coffins i do not know.


why do people that wear their pants halfway down their ass wear a belt?

7:15 am alarm........2.something mile earth walk....too much coffee....breakfast with the peeps....db coopers...gilhoulys....
drinking with co workers...dance party at my place
attempted dancing at jilly's. apparently it wasn't open. then to 180 where we found out dusty hates acid jazz...no seats at harry's...everyone bails but dusty, gretch and me. next up:fucking buzzard.
spotted a heard of 23 year olds...gretch asked to rip ones shirt off...it was a snap button get up with a horrid gray wife beater under...i mean the top shirt was white for fuck sake. he was a cancer....from 1984. cancers. eh. i told him i was a gemini from 1972....he said i looked good. i told him i use expensive face cream. if i look good for 35 apparently i need to use expensive face cream too....i am 25 after all.
idiot at buzzard. i really should know better.


spring cleaning

i bitched about it being rainy and blah all day at work, but now that i am home i am so thankful for it. a cleansing that has been much needed. if i didn't have plans tonight i would just paint...even though i should be cleaning and almost every item of clothing i own is dirty.

i am glad my bed hasn't been transformed to a water bed...i really should close my windows when i go to work. i will never learn. it is okay.


it's a boy!!!!!

my grandmother gave birth to four boys...
between the four boys there are seven granddaughters ....
from the seven granddaughters there are six great granddaughters...
after 13 girls on the maples side of the family we will finally have a boy!

my sister will be having her second child at the end of august (we are hoping on grandma's birthday)....and mr.reed tomas feliciano will be the first boy since my youngest uncle was born.

i am so excited!!!


why do i suck at money?

hi. my name is terra. i am 25 and i have no clue how to budget my money.
i am fully aware that this shit does not grow on trees....yet i go ahead and act like it does anyway. i have a job-a decent paying job, and yet i still find myself living like i am in college.
i think my standard of living was actually higher in college....this could be part of the problem.
all right idiot girl. no one wants to hear your lame excuses. what is it going to take for you to remove your head from your anus and live like a responsible adult? great fucking question! i set up a budget using an online company at the beginning of march. i updated it for the first time today. really effective.
it is sick how much money i spend on dining out, drinking in public and smoking....
in january i reported to the handy dandy online bean counter that i spent $351 on eating and drinking...this doesn't include krismas money that magically disappears. in february i stayed levelish at $377 and then went balls out in march at $515.
seriously. this figure does not include gas, smokes, food bought at the grocery...........or shoes.

i have a problem. i am a sick, sick person. someone help me.


unwelcome house guest

when i got up this morning i was a little surprised to find my neighbor's cat on my balcony. this was a fairly common occurrence last fall. there is a hole in the exterior wall of the building that i assume is where the old balcony support used to be. apparently when they built the new balconies they found it unnecessary (aka they are lazy) to fill in that hole. that is going to have to be fixed. the cat that lives in the apartment below me makes it's way up to my balcony by jumping from the rail of the balcony below, into said hole and up onto my balcony. this always happens when my neighbor is not home. i was running late for zumba so i didn't have a chance to see if she was home before i left, so when i came home i took the cat downstairs to return it and- shocking-she was not home. i brought the cat back up and put it back on my balcony and put a post it on her door. bacon and clementine are not too found of the visitor on the porch. bacon just seems pissed that she missed her chance for outside sunning. clementine, on the other hand, made it her business to hiss, growl and bat at the unwelcome visitor through the screen. the cat wandered around on the porch and walked on the rail. this made me extremely nervous as i live on the fourth floor. i gave the cat water since i have no clue at what point last night or this morning it made it's way up here. that seemed to appease it for a while and then it started to cry. it is nice outside, but fairly windy and it wanted in. that was not an option. i thought maybe it was hungry. i debated (as i have before in this situation) as to whether or not i should give it food, because i don't want to reinforce this habit. at the same time i feel bad for the lil guy. so as i went into the kitchen to get food the cat jumped from the balcony onto the small stone ledge of my kitchen window. it is a pretty decent sized leap. shit. now what? it is not possible to remove the screen without popping it out, which would knock the cat off the ledge. so bronson and i decide to use the backboard we painted as a bridge for the cat. as i am getting the board out the cat nearly falls off the window. a feline fatality would have really put a damper on this lovely day. so eventually we get the cat to walk up the board and get it back on my deck. we popped the screen out in case it happened again, which it did shortly after. for the sake of my own sanity this poor cat is now locked in my bathroom, with clementine on the other side of the door hissing and growling. this is not my ideal saturday. nor am i excited about the prospect of cleaning up piss and shit from an animal that does not belong to me.
when will this woman get home?
when will she realize that she shouldn't let the cat out on the balcony when she isn't home?
and what the hell am i going to do with a random cat in my bathroom?
i thought about hoisting it down in a laundry basket, but i have no rope and would feel horrible if something happened. i can't really just chuck it back down there.
it won't stop crying. i feel so bad.
jesus. i just wanted to read and paint.


stagnant people...they make seats for your kind

all right kansas city. i hear you bitching because this show or that one skipped over our sweet lil midwestern city. and i am right there bitching with you. but then, when there is a lovely show like last night's line up at the uptown of spoon, the walkmen and the white rabbits, you-as a collective city-totally blow it. i stood a third of the way back on the crowded floor and watched a good majority of you as you just fucking stood there. i mean you paid money for this show, right? or at least got there super early with your free camel ticket to make sure you got in? but once you were in, you just stood there. i can't imagine how much fun it ISN'T to play to a room full of stagnant people. it isn't even fun to be in the audience with what could just as easily have been a thousand card board cut outs. so laugh, scream the words, close your eyes and take it all in but please please please for the love of music move your body.
if you find that you are unable to complete this small feat then go sit down so i can get closer.

as much as fun as gretchen and i made of the kid with the hemp necklace and the beanie who was more or less trying to mosh...well, at least homeboy was feelin' it.

besides the totally lame crowd the show was a pretty damn good time. next up.....radiohead. nothing like a bunch of mean ass stl folk. but i bet they will move.

mind fucked


in case you live under a rock, there is a man in oregon that claims to be the first man to ever get pregnant. except for the fact that HE STILL HAS A VAGINA, A UTERUS, OVARIES AND FALLOPIAN TUBES. if a person feels that their sexual genetic makeup does not correspond with who they are and feel that it is necessary to live as the other sex in order to live their life in happiness, then more power to you. you are a man. you have testosterone pumping through your body. you can grow a beard...but you are not male. at least not to me. male means XY and a package. this man has had sex reassignment surgery, but only up top. according to the article in the advocate, due to this surgery he is considered legally to be a male and in turn is legally married to his wife.
this brings up a whole other slew of mental turmoil for me.
so you are telling me that the government denies the rights of marriage to gays and lesbians, but if one member of the pair would either have their breast removed or have breast implants ( i am assuming this works both ways for being considered "legally" male or female) that they could be legally married and have all the rights of any other married couple? that is bullshit. how can two people with vaginas get married just because one of them can grow a beard, when two beard free women are not allowed? seriously?!? a set of tits or lack thereof is not what makes a person a man or a woman. i can not believe this flaw in our judicial system! (well i can, but...ya know) i also can’t believe how openly this man flaunts it. i am sure there are other FTM people in the world that have given birth, but they do it for their own personal reasons. i don’t understand what this dude is trying to accomplish.
if i were homosexual i would be so pissed.
shit- i am straight and i am fuming.
give people equal rights.
don’t let a set or a lack there of decide it.
and don’t claim that you are the first male to get pregnant unless you are going to squeeze a baby out of your dick.
ugh. america you make me sick sometimes.

my new soap box

as if my rants on my myspace were not enough i have decided to take this shit public.
obviously this blog is not for the young or faint of heart.
i like to cuss. i like to talk about politics. i like to go out in public and make mental notes about the ridiculous stuff i see and make fun of it later. i like to let people know what i am up to, whether it is exciting or not. and i especially love to complain about what gets under my skin-from that shitty waiter at red robin to this wonderful world we humans have created.
so welcome to my soap box.
if you don't like it then don't tell me, because i don't care.