stagnant people...they make seats for your kind

all right kansas city. i hear you bitching because this show or that one skipped over our sweet lil midwestern city. and i am right there bitching with you. but then, when there is a lovely show like last night's line up at the uptown of spoon, the walkmen and the white rabbits, you-as a collective city-totally blow it. i stood a third of the way back on the crowded floor and watched a good majority of you as you just fucking stood there. i mean you paid money for this show, right? or at least got there super early with your free camel ticket to make sure you got in? but once you were in, you just stood there. i can't imagine how much fun it ISN'T to play to a room full of stagnant people. it isn't even fun to be in the audience with what could just as easily have been a thousand card board cut outs. so laugh, scream the words, close your eyes and take it all in but please please please for the love of music move your body.
if you find that you are unable to complete this small feat then go sit down so i can get closer.

as much as fun as gretchen and i made of the kid with the hemp necklace and the beanie who was more or less trying to mosh...well, at least homeboy was feelin' it.

besides the totally lame crowd the show was a pretty damn good time. next up.....radiohead. nothing like a bunch of mean ass stl folk. but i bet they will move.


Dana said...

Terra I am reading your blog because since Kelly has emailed both of us, your status messages show up in my gmail contacts list- and I saw you have a blog.

I have to admit I am not a huge dancer because I am usually watching the band- but also because I suck at dancing.

However, I think the KC crowd thinks that they are too cool to dance, but really it's that they are too SCARED someone will think they are UNCOOL if they dance. Also, I think a lot of us grew up going to shows where people didn't dance, they moshed. So we have no history to pull from.

I'm not saying it's right, but I can understand some of it. And I am still not going to dance, unless maybe Sleater-Kinney and The Need get back together and play a show at The Bottleneck. Then, maybe.

terra said...

i can totally respect that dana.
i am just love to dance and refuse to understand why others don't get the same joy from it. sometimes i am stubborn.
i think you totally nailed it about people being to worried about what they look like to enjoy themselves. these are the people i speak of with such distaste.
and i honestly didn't take the time to consider what other peoples concert upbringing may have been. i listened to good ol' rock and roll with my parents and a combo of shitty pop and quazi hippie yuppy rock for a good portion of my life. i forget some people gave a shit about what they were putting in their ears at a much younger age than i and sometimes at a different time all together.

i still think you should dance.

Brad said...

I think it all depends on the band. I'm not sure how one would dance to Sigur Ros unless it was some weird interpretive shit. Some bands are for watching, others for dancing. I think Spoon is in between.

terra said...

another good point.
damn my closed mindedness.
i think i swayed at sigur ros.
and i cried. don't even get me started on that show. freaking amazing.

Dana said...

Hey, my dad writes reviews of shows for the newspaper where I grew up- I have seen awesome bands, and I have seen shit that made you want to beat up the band. I will admit that in high school, one of the kinds of music I was really into was Ska, and there was more than one Reverend Horton Heat show that I remember Skanking at. Dancing to ska is easy because it doesn't require having MOVES, and girls don't have to dance SEXY. That I can handle. I will dance a little bit for the right band. I will even sing along. And I am all for other people doing it- I just don't want to be the one who slips in her cute shoes and falls on everyone in the middle of the show. Really, it's for the protection of all involved. :)