why do people that wear their pants halfway down their ass wear a belt?

7:15 am alarm........2.something mile earth walk....too much coffee....breakfast with the peeps....db coopers...gilhoulys....
drinking with co workers...dance party at my place
attempted dancing at jilly's. apparently it wasn't open. then to 180 where we found out dusty hates acid jazz...no seats at harry's...everyone bails but dusty, gretch and me. next up:fucking buzzard.
spotted a heard of 23 year olds...gretch asked to rip ones shirt off...it was a snap button get up with a horrid gray wife beater under...i mean the top shirt was white for fuck sake. he was a cancer....from 1984. cancers. eh. i told him i was a gemini from 1972....he said i looked good. i told him i use expensive face cream. if i look good for 35 apparently i need to use expensive face cream too....i am 25 after all.
idiot at buzzard. i really should know better.


Brad said...

Cancers are awesome.

Sarah said...

Believe it or not, I am actually a cancer from 1984. No joke. If it makes you feel better, the next time I see you I will wear my pants way too low to make sense and share face cream with you. Or just drink a lot.

Nick Bates said...

Yo...cancer here!

terra said...

shit. maybe i do like cancers.
except sarah....she is from 1984.

Dana said...

For a second I believed you were 35 and I was...confused, because I thought I had previously known you were younger than me.

And then I was about to ask what expensive face cream you use. And then I read the rest of the post, and felt dumb.

And I am a Virgo, so hopefully you are cool with us.