mind fucked


in case you live under a rock, there is a man in oregon that claims to be the first man to ever get pregnant. except for the fact that HE STILL HAS A VAGINA, A UTERUS, OVARIES AND FALLOPIAN TUBES. if a person feels that their sexual genetic makeup does not correspond with who they are and feel that it is necessary to live as the other sex in order to live their life in happiness, then more power to you. you are a man. you have testosterone pumping through your body. you can grow a beard...but you are not male. at least not to me. male means XY and a package. this man has had sex reassignment surgery, but only up top. according to the article in the advocate, due to this surgery he is considered legally to be a male and in turn is legally married to his wife.
this brings up a whole other slew of mental turmoil for me.
so you are telling me that the government denies the rights of marriage to gays and lesbians, but if one member of the pair would either have their breast removed or have breast implants ( i am assuming this works both ways for being considered "legally" male or female) that they could be legally married and have all the rights of any other married couple? that is bullshit. how can two people with vaginas get married just because one of them can grow a beard, when two beard free women are not allowed? seriously?!? a set of tits or lack thereof is not what makes a person a man or a woman. i can not believe this flaw in our judicial system! (well i can, but...ya know) i also can’t believe how openly this man flaunts it. i am sure there are other FTM people in the world that have given birth, but they do it for their own personal reasons. i don’t understand what this dude is trying to accomplish.
if i were homosexual i would be so pissed.
shit- i am straight and i am fuming.
give people equal rights.
don’t let a set or a lack there of decide it.
and don’t claim that you are the first male to get pregnant unless you are going to squeeze a baby out of your dick.
ugh. america you make me sick sometimes.

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elizabeth said...

so, oprah's doing a special on this guy. girl. whatever.
i almost forgot about oprah. thank you people.com
and yes, it's liz. also known as elizabeth.