why do i suck at money?

hi. my name is terra. i am 25 and i have no clue how to budget my money.
i am fully aware that this shit does not grow on trees....yet i go ahead and act like it does anyway. i have a job-a decent paying job, and yet i still find myself living like i am in college.
i think my standard of living was actually higher in college....this could be part of the problem.
all right idiot girl. no one wants to hear your lame excuses. what is it going to take for you to remove your head from your anus and live like a responsible adult? great fucking question! i set up a budget using an online company at the beginning of march. i updated it for the first time today. really effective.
it is sick how much money i spend on dining out, drinking in public and smoking....
in january i reported to the handy dandy online bean counter that i spent $351 on eating and drinking...this doesn't include krismas money that magically disappears. in february i stayed levelish at $377 and then went balls out in march at $515.
seriously. this figure does not include gas, smokes, food bought at the grocery...........or shoes.

i have a problem. i am a sick, sick person. someone help me.


Brad said...

I have the same problem. What online program are you using? You should check out mint.com.

terra said...

i am using pear.
i will look into mint.
i am glad to know i am not the only one that blows at this grown up shit.

Dana said...

Terra- do you pay yourself first? Do you have a 401k and contribute enough that your employer matches? Do you have your savings account set up to automatically withdraw some money from your checking account the day you get paid? Or an automatic deposit into a Money Market, or other investment account? Paying yourself first, and doing it automatically every month is the BEST and easiest thing to do. If you do that, then you KNOW what's left is for bills and food, shoes, whatever.

I have to say, I am not perfect, because there's a little lingering balance on a credit card (which has 0% APR right now) that I am not paying down, but I save over 30% of my take home every month. Automating your savings hurts at first, but really, that is the best thing I have ever done. That and opening my ING savings account, which gets a way higher yield than regular banks.

terra said...

bradley, you will be happy to know the ladies love mint...i am still waiting to sign in. balls.