it's sunday. i'm brain dead. enjoy.

i had such high hopes for today.
after a few glasses of wine last night and apparently feeling very ambitious after a productive day, i announced that my schedule for today would be as follows:
wake up...i am sure i was thinking 9 at the latest.
make breakfast.
ride bike to the park.
play tennis.
get boxes.
pack and label shit in bryce's basement
move said shit across the street to where he is living now...camping gear, brewing stuff, rock climbing gear, and a ridiculous amount of tools.
move the bed.
organize and find homes for all of this stuff.
go to my apartment and throw the love seat and chair over the balcony and drag them to the street so they can be picked up the bulky trash guys tomorrow.
order pizza.
eat pizza.
play tiger woods.

i had high hopes.
after this declaration i continued to drink wine with friends.
ate a lovely home made dinner...that i didn't make.
then had some coffee...with baileys.
then some tequila.
and a little more tequila.
and they maybe some more coffee
the last of the friends left a little after 3:00.
i woke up around 9:30...wishing i could have slept for the rest of the morning.
got up.
picked up the remnants of last night.
bryce made really tasty breakfast (pretty sure he is a much better cook than i am. which is fine with me. i am way better at doing dishes than he is).
i made more coffee.
pressed on with the days plan knowing that the biking/tennis/athletic portion of the day had clearly been canceled.
went to get storage boxes.
but then the tired hit.
and the yawns began.
and my legs didn't want to hold my body up anymore.
and the hint of nausea i had been trying to ignore all day finally got my attention
but onward we went.
me-attempting to keep myself motivate by verbalizing my desire to still complete a good portion of the days plans.
bryce- patiently letting me bullshit about this (between yawns and declarations of fatige) and not pointing out how ridiculous i am for thinking i am going to get anything done in my current state.
half way through figuring out what printer he should get i threw in the towel for the afternoon.

i hope it didn't look at pathetic as it sounds.

which brings us to now.
to do list updates:
drink gatorade.
do nothing.
throw couch and chair away.
drink water.
maybe move some of bryces shit...probably just his bed.
drink water.
eat something greasy.
play tiger woods.
and sleep.

i feel pretty useless, super lazy and a little disappointed in my lack of productivity.
but at the same time i don't fucking care.
every one needs a lazy day.
i had a great time last night.
i got some shit done.
i am relaxing.
i am watching tv.
i will get a little more shit done before i sleep.
and i even blogged.

where am i going with this?
no clue.
i think i am going to watch crap tv and nap.
one more thing off the list!

hope you are having a productive/lazy/fulfilling sunday.

OOOOH! update: i got the sweater from the last post, but not in mustard. it was too orangey in person. i got the brown. mmmmm.


mama needs new (or slightly used) shoes damnit!

money. i hate you. you ruin me.
yet i do not seem to be in any kind of rush to earn more of it.
when i am getting paid all five fifths of my salary i do all right.
my life is not lavish, but i can splurge on a few things here and there.
but with the car payment and the pay cut those splurges are few and far between
*sigh- woe is me

i can't believe you guys let me get away with bitching about this mundane shit.
i mean in the grand scheme of things, i have it good!


fall is creeping up on us(all though i am not convinced that summer ever really got here-which is okay by me)and i love fall clothes.

i think it is my favorite season to get dressed in….
light sweaters.
the start of scarf season.
my wish list has all ready begun, all though the finances of it all really put a damper on it.
just like when any new season rolls around, i find myself asking “what the fuck did i wear last insert season here?”
also, each season i like to get a couple key pieces to update my wardrobe from the year before.
then i round out the rest at target .
i am really loving the gap’s boyfriend line.
i have found what i hope to be my first purchase
i may have a mustard yellow addiction to rival my purple fit from last fall/winter.
what can i say? i am a sucker for jewel tones.

and apparently black is the new black this fall.
praise jesus!

this morning i turned to miss. carlew to complain about my lack of wardrobe and lack of money to do anything about it.
feeling equality as broke and unsatisfied by her wardrobe she suggested a swap party!
recently i was invited to a swap by a friend, but was not able to make it.
you can host a swap for a number of things...books, cds, housecrap...
ours will be for clothes and accessories.
everyone brings a certain number of goods and then you take turns picking out things from what everyone else brings.
needless to say, I LOVE party planning!
and i am excited to get rid of some things that are wasting away in my closet.
it seems so much easier to get rid of that blouse that has never been worn, when it is going to a good home.

part of a successful swap is inviting people that are roughly the same size, so if you aren’t invited, it isn’t because we don’t love you, it is because you are too fucking skinny!
expect this to be happening before my vacation.
that is right!
bryce and I are going to seattle for 10 days around labor day!
his sister is getting married, so we decided to turn it into a vacation.
i can’t wait.
i have never been to the northwest, yet have always had a fondness for it…

going into this swap i have high hopes for jeans, light sweaters and maybe even a dress!
i have a ton of purses and shoes to part with and some cute stuff that just isn't me...or doesn't fit!

also, as a side note…i miss blogging.
i hate that i don’t do it more.
perhaps i need to set aside time in my life specifically for it.
i am going to leave myself with this thought (since I may look at my blog more than anyone else…) that also came up in conversation with sarah…

when am I ever going to follow a freaking dream?

“we have been friends together in sunshine and in shade.”

(quote by caroline norton)

i know i have said it a lot lately.
but i really mean it...and whenever it is time for us to come together-be it a birthday party, a promotion, a layoff, or a loss- i feel overwhelmingly grateful and, for lack of a better word, blessed by my amazing and caring friends. all though all of us have varying levels of friendship with each other, when one of us is in need, all of us are there.
not every one is fortunate enough to have this kind of chosen family.
and i could burst with the amount of love i have for you all.

to my beans... i love you.
you are stronger than anyone will ever know.
you are an amazing woman.
your mother was an incredible woman who raised two strong, beautiful, independent, intelligent, sweet, amazing daughters. one of whom i am lucky to call a best friend. i daily reap the benefits of the values she has instilled in you.
her laughter was infectious and i am lucky to have the memories i have with her.
may these next two days allow you some closure, some peace and a time to celebrate the life of your mother.
i know that no words are the right words at a time like this....
you and your family are in my thoughts always.