“we have been friends together in sunshine and in shade.”

(quote by caroline norton)

i know i have said it a lot lately.
but i really mean it...and whenever it is time for us to come together-be it a birthday party, a promotion, a layoff, or a loss- i feel overwhelmingly grateful and, for lack of a better word, blessed by my amazing and caring friends. all though all of us have varying levels of friendship with each other, when one of us is in need, all of us are there.
not every one is fortunate enough to have this kind of chosen family.
and i could burst with the amount of love i have for you all.

to my beans... i love you.
you are stronger than anyone will ever know.
you are an amazing woman.
your mother was an incredible woman who raised two strong, beautiful, independent, intelligent, sweet, amazing daughters. one of whom i am lucky to call a best friend. i daily reap the benefits of the values she has instilled in you.
her laughter was infectious and i am lucky to have the memories i have with her.
may these next two days allow you some closure, some peace and a time to celebrate the life of your mother.
i know that no words are the right words at a time like this....
you and your family are in my thoughts always.

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