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i just discovered that i have a have fallen in love with year long blogs.
i fell in love with the idea of 3191 a year of mornings after reading a recommendation in real simple.
i freaking love real simple.
it is about two friends, who are 3191 miles apart
one in portland, maine and one in portland, orgeon...
who each take a picutre every morning and post it to each other as a blog.
which then became a book.

i love this idea.
i couldn't help but think of liz and wish that we had something like it. 
(liz read: sorry i just ruined your christmas present. i will hand deliver it in april. promise)

i recently watched julie and julia  recently and really enjoyed it.
and really wished that i would have read the book first.
and the blog  too.

i have looked at weight-loss blogs that people post on daily.

i love when people do 365 days on flickr.

today gretch sent me a link to dust breeding.
this guy is making a thing everyday for 365 days (or more).
paintings and drawings and songs and videos and crafts.
thank you gretchy.
it is really great.

as soon as i read her description and saw his work i thought:

i want to do a 365.

but what a big undertaking!
you can't just say that you will do something for the next 365 days and then not follow through.
i haven't even gone 365 days straight with brushing my teeth in my life!
the only things that i can guarantee that i do daily are things i must do so i don't die.
you know...blinking, breathing.going to the ladies...all that jazz.

that is a lot of pressure.
i would hate to let you down.
what would i pick?
how insane will it make the b man?
this is something i am going to think about for a while.
maybe once i am looking for a new challenge i will look back to this
until then, any suggestions?

off to tally up the calories...


momophotography said...

I only made it to day 131 out of 365.

I've thought about revisiting it; but this time do what my friend paul did. Don't focus on just self portraits. .just take a picture of the day, everyday, for a year.

Whatever it is you do, I'm sure it'll be grand.

michelle said...

I love reading those 365 blogs (my favorite of course being 365 days of crockpot b/c I have a sickness), but I think they are too much damn pressure and take a LOT of time.

You could challenge yourself to do something like participate in the daily shoot - http://twitter.com/dailyshoot and post your photos on your blog amidst other posts. You could even wrangle Liz in to do it with you and post it in a similar way to 3191 mornings or http://www.masondixonknitting.com/

The only thing I suggest that you remember is that you have taken on the project of making you healthy and that really should come before anything else.

terra said...

i agree michelle.
i will not be taking anything else on....probably for another 365 days.
health first.
the rest later :)