is there anyone out there?

my lord it has been a minute!
my last post was on march 21. and i talked about lacking motivation...ya think?

okay, so it is june 2.
here is what you have missed and or been a part of
i was alllllll diet last time we talked.
i was going to reread the mayo clinic diet, i was going to educate myself and rededicate myself to my pursuit of healthiness.
i didn't reread the mayo clinic book.
in fact, i think all that i read since then is a chealsea handler book for book club.

but i did join weight watchers. april 25.
like full blown go to meetings weight watchers. people are more successful if they attend the meetings and i must be successful. i want to be a healthy person!
i can't fail two diets in one year.
EXCUSE ME! did i say two diets? one diet, one lifestyle change. hehe.

i am currently down 6.6 pounds and things are going well.
i am stil doing couch 2 5k. i know it is a 9 week program, but it has been more for me. i finally did my first 25 minute run last weekend and it felt great!

my goal for this month is 45 minutes of (at least) moderate activity a day. every day.
two days in and i am kicking ass.

lots of other things have happened in the last few months.
bacon finally found a home, which involved a last minute weekend road trip to indianapolis with sarah.which was awesome. perhaps i will tell you all about the vet situation, but i am not ready to relive it yet and i also haven't decided how i feel about it. anyway, it was great to get to catch up. that is the most time that we had spent together since high school, so it was great that somewhere, someway, somethings will always just be a certain way.

this is the first time in since i was 20 that i don't have a pet of my very own. of course, there is luna. (who got a puppy cut and is stupid cute)

we have been camping for the first time this season and also made it down to the lake all ready.
i got up on the wake board every try.
this felt good.
once i was up i would start to think about what i need to do next.
and then i would eat shit.
wake boarding. wake surfing. still both things that i never thought i would be into, but really enjoy.
i also got to tube. i am tubing a badass.

i dyed my hair blonde. twice.
i got a promotion at work.
i turned twenty eight.
i officially moved in with bryce.
and i will be showing my artshits at hairpins (an adorable salon owned by a fabulous friend) in late fall.

i am loving looking at all these blogs and gathering inspiration.
this weekend i hope to get the rest of my things gone through. unpacked. repacked or relocated. then i hope to be able to set up a little space in the guest room to let the inspiration flow.
i also need to hit up some garage sales/antique malls/thrift stores and/or see if anyone has old wood, windows, whatever.

if you do hit me up.

i hope to share my progress.

i am also thinking about starting a new blog.

and planting this seed in the back of my mind

we are almost half way through this year all ready.
i can hardly believe it.
i hope life has been kind to you...

here are a few things that are making me drool

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