i hate bargain shopping...but i do love a good sale

so i went shopping...

last week i was reading an article in real simple about how anticipating a purchase releases dopamine..the same feel-good chemical released from sex or really good food.
i don't know that shopping does that for me.
it actually makes me really anxious.
i like to do research before hand and have a good idea of what i am wanting, where i am going to get it and how much i am going to spend going into it.
even with this preparation i often have buyer's remorse before i even finalize the purchase.
and usually there isn't a lot to be remorseful about.
i can't remember my last ridiculous splurge...
well, yes i can...it was when amanda and i got drunk and went shopping but that was YEARS ago....
it was time for some new clothes.
i have one pair of jeans that i wear.
and they are my $20 wet seal jeans that are going to die soon...and aren't appropriate with everything.
after i broke down and bought my mom-shorts (think mom jeans, but shorts...i was buying whatever it took to not have a muffin top. they are bad, but were on sale)i gave into the fact that my body has changed and juniors shit just isn't going to cut it.
not unless i want to live my adult life with my ass crack hanging out of my pants.

so..new body (grrr...still have some work to do there)...
new season...
new clothes.

i was inspired by gap's 30% off friends and family sale.
i do not have the patience for digging through racks of clearance crap.
but if i can have a discount on whatever i want, i am in.
before going in i set a budget:
$50 post discount
or $100 post discount if i bought jeans.
i am usually not a HUGE fan of gap jeans.
i have always been sad that long & leans don't fit me and usually chalked it up to the fact that i am neither long nor lean....all though i think that is what they are supposed to do for you.
gap redesigned all of their jeans, and wouldn't you know...now the long and leans fit!
so i scooped me up a pair!
i tried on many things and pondered long and hard about what to purchase and what not to...
this was an option that i wavered on until the very end.
and now that i look at it again i am a little bummed i didn't get it.
in it's place i did get four pairs of super comfy-not super granny-much needed-long awaited new underwear.
i won't post pics.
but they are super comfy.
if you must know you can ask!
i did pick this up
in the clearance section i found a great over sized canvas tote that will be great as an overnight bag, gym bag, carry on....or even for groceries, which i may use it for tonight.

the score of the day was this lovely number
she was one of those finds that is on the rack of crap to be put away and is the only one in the entire store.
it happened to be the right size!!
the zipper is broken and it was already on sale so i got it super cheap!
i think it will be perfect with a short cardigan for the wedding in seattle.
please remind me to take it to the tailors next time you see me.

all in all i spent $126.
not too shabby.
i didn't expect to find a dress, so i allowed myself to go over budget.
not to mention that this is the first time i have spent money on clothes since my birthday.

so for now, i will be laying low and being frugal, while enjoying my new purchases and stalking new ones online.
i would like to get a few more things before the trip.

i also finally bought new shoes for the gym.
i have had my old shoes for YEARS and all though the tread is still wonderfully intact, i don't run...so i don't need running shoes.
in fact, doing zumba in a shoe created for forward motion may be the cause of the knee pain that i have currently been experiencing.
i did some research and found the shoes i wanted.
nike musique IV.
i went to dick's on sunday and after waiting 45 minutes-EVERYONE needed new football cleats on sunday- i tried them on and was very pleased with the fit and feel of them.
they are only offered in white and black...not my favorites, but i went for the black...because they had my size in them.
i can't wait to try them out in class tomorrow!

the other part of the sunday shopping excursion was to petsmart.
gretch found this product called cat attract .
in an attempt to break bacon of her behavioral issue while i try and find her a new home, we figured it was worth a try.
so far things seem to be going well.

with that being said, i do need to find a home for bacon.
she is not happy at my house anymore.
she is a sweet, sweet neck nuzzling girl.
we think she would be best as an only pet in a house that she gets a lot of love in.
Photobucket Photobucket
as you can see, she is gorgeous.
she is currently shaved for the summer and looks like a wee baby white lion...also very precious.

if you, or someone you know can offer her the home she deserves please contact me.
please think positive thoughts about finding this pretty girl a home.

swap party planning tomorrow....can't wait.


Anonymous said...

So, I can't belive you've held onto the juniors dept all these years! I've walked by for about 4 years now not really knowing why until two days ago while shopping for an upcoming trip. While walking past the juniors dept I saw an awesome 50's style (my fav) dress in the most perfect turquiose, full price :-( but juniors cheap! So the try on...it was awful! The fabric was thin, not structured and overall made for a junior with no armpit fat. It was a size 7 which was about the only cool thing about it. So, onto Missy (or whatever the f it's called), on super sale (like $180 down to $59), structured, thick material smoothing everything and covering the lumps, bumps and cellulite and a size 4! It's a horibly arbitrary number, I know, since another dress I couldn't button a size 8, but it felt awesome. Missy dept all the way!! Loves you! And I must see a pic of you sporting mom shorts, ha! Next time I'll take you kicking and screaming to the mall and get you lots of perfect stuff for super duper 'affordable' (nice way of saying cheap) it's a gift of mine :-)

Nick Bates said...

everytime I go clothes shopping I grab a bunch of stuff then end up walking out with 50% less then I had in my hands at one point. If Chris is at another part of the store and taking FOREVER I have the time to put each item back. I think I have issues.