new j.o.b.

i was trying to update my facebook status in response to people asking about my new job, but if kept being too long.

so i figured i would bring it here.

it has been quite some time.

i started a new job yesterday.
this is my second job of my adult life.
it reminds me of starting a new semester in college.
first of all, all i was really thinking about last week was what the hell am i going to wear on my first day?
of course i was dreading my last day and saying goodbye to these people that i have spent the last 4 years of my life with.
but my residing thought was about my clothing.

yesterday was pretty comparable to a first day of class.
meet new people whose names you can't remember.
see your new desk for the first time.
get information on who to contact about what. how things work. where things are. what is expected from you.

i don 't have an office a cube yet. i share a small conference room with two other girls. we are all fairly new. we all do different things. but it is a nice way to get to know new people. the conference room is a corner room, so we have lots of sunlight in the afternoon. i don't have a phone yet. i don't have a docking station or monitor. i do have a mouse. and i am going to ask for a keyboard. i always manage to hit the mouse pad or cursor and mess myself up mid-sentence.

the people seem to be very busy, but generally happy. the office has a certain energy to it. people are focused and getting things done. people look you in the eye and are kind.the kitchens are stocked with soda, tea, coffee, water and have been overflowing with food from the holidays.  the demographics of the people that i work with at the new job are totally different than before. the culture is totally different.
the job is totally different.

most of the account team members that i have met come from an agency background....advertising, PR or marketing.
but they knew i didn't have that. that isn't what i will bring to this team.
what i bring to this team is my experience working with clients. making them happy. building a relationship with them. communicating clearly and concisely with them.i bring my organizational and time management skills. my ability to stay at least on top of-if not ahead of-the game.

i don't have to dress up any more than i did before, but i feel like i need to look nicer. this is not a bad thing.

today i spent time getting familiar with the products i will be working with and their websites, twitter accounts and facebook pages. i set up meetings to learn about the different departments and their functions.  i am going to be sitting in on some client calls and strategy type meetings. i went through training on how to bill clients and use the internal IT ticketing system.

i am going to be learning a lot.
and i am excited about it.

i have always wanted to work at an agency. and i am excited about this opportunity.  it feels great to be in such a creative and fast paced environment.
so there :) that is how my job is going


Anonymous said...

this sounds great! so exciting! but i don't understand the no keyboard/monitor thing.

terra said...

i am working off of a laptop

michelle said...

this is wonderful. i know that change can be hard, but you grew so much at your last job that you were ready for something new. it's wonderful that this company recognized that bringing outside skills to the table makes them stronger and i'm thrilled that you found something where you will be able to grow some more. very exciting!

Nikki Golden said...

That is a perfect summation of what the first day of a new job feels like! Another thing you will bring to the table--which I always valued working with you--was your ability to foresee and forestall problems.