ahhh nothing like the sweet, sweet sound of cars getting stuck in the intersection i live on.

first and foremost
i would like to hand out middle finger salutes to all the aholes leaving corperate woods and using the turn lane that is designated to put you in the turn lane for 435 west, when you aren't getting on 435 west.
you made a conscious decision to be a selfish ahole.
solid work. your mother would be proud.
i have you to thank for both my rage at sitting in front of my office for 15 mintues and all the explitives i spewed as i was stuck behind you as you tried to get into the lane that you should have been in in the first place.
thanks for only giving a shit about yourself.
you are awesome.

to both the the lady in the blazer, talking on the phone, smoking a cig, with her window down and music blaring like it was summer  
to the old man who refused to stop at any of the three red lights i watched him go through. 
high five!

so when i left the office, after sitting on the street my office building is on for 15 minutes (as noted above), i guesstimated that it would take me two hours to get home.
from corporate woods to the ku med area.
this drive usually takes me twenty  minutes
once i was on the highway people weren't being too shitty.
i had to get off and get gas, which sucked, but i would have had to stop anyway because my wipers were ice sickles.
since i was literally across the street from where my weight watchers meetings are, i decided i would drive by to see if they were open.
not open.
so then i drove the other 2 miles home.
i left work around 4:30 and walked in a little after six.

thank god it didn't take 2 hours.

so now that leaves me thinking about tomorrow.
it is 6:42. i put on my pajamas and slippers as soon as i walked in.
b is making mushroom risotto.
i am sitting on the couch, listening to the first arcade fire album
wishing i had a real fire going.
misssing snow days.

on a totally unrelated note i have found myself using more commas lately.
 what does it mean?

who cares? mama needs wine.

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