you know those master card commercials...where they add up the expenses of something and at the end the total is "priceless"?
well i have a similar thing going on...

gas, lodging, lift tickets, ski rentals....$500
ski coat...$250
stocking hat....$20
ski gloves...$40
food and drink...$100+
cost of going skiing with your boyfriend and two of your best friends on a crash three day trip to colorado?

i have only tried to ski once before, with my boyfriend in college.
it wasn't pretty.
i more or less threw myself down the hill (we were at snow creek) multiple times.
small children kept having to rescue my poor poles that i had ditched at some point in my graceless fall and bring them to me.
i don't remember ever enjoying it.
i do remember wanting to dump my boyfriend over it.
and being sore, pissed off and defeated.

fast forward to now.
b loves to ski. my friends love to ski.
colorado is the state next to us.
when the idea of a ski trip came up i was all ready resigned to the fact that i would have to learn at some point, so i might as well learn now.
decent attitude to have.
and you can't date b and not be willing to try new outdoor activities.
it just doesn't work.
plus ski trips have always sounded so fun.

and then somewhere along the planning, budgeting and buying shit loads of gear, i have started to loathe the ski trip.
even though b has been more than helpful when it comes to acquiring all the crap i need to try this new sport, i can't get past the money.
my, now annoyed, friends have assured me that i will love it and that this one time investment will yield year after year of ski trip goodness.

but above all there is that annoying naysayer in the back of my mind.
you know her- she hates trying new things, she only wants to do what she knows she is good at, she is closed minded and in general, if i let her out too often i would probably lose a lot of my friends.
that bitch kept me from cheesecake, karaoke, sushi, goat cheese, green bean casserole, water sports and has made me walk off many a dance floor.
and now skiing.

but alas, i cannot NOT go.

so i will go..
i will quit my bitching.
i will ski.
i will try my best.
i will have fun with my friends.
i will recover from the overnight drives.
i will not let that negativenancybitchface ruin my fun.

wish me luck!


Nick Bates said...

This may sound funny coming from me, but relax, have a good time and stop worrying. It will be an adventure that you will never forget.

Muffy Morgan said...

It's gonna suck. You're gonna suck.

Reverse psychology ;-)

bryce said...

seriously, she has no idea what is coming for her... (should you read that with a evil voice or an excited one?)

Liz said...

oh my god, you'll love it! especially the part where you're done skiing and sitting in front a fire with awesome ski-hat-hair sipping on something warm. don't forget the peppermint schnapps and what are googles...

terra said...