progress report.

so, january has come and gone.
where does the time go?
tonight i leave on the ski trip.
thanks to a call from kel, i was able to get 40% back on my coat and use that money to buy ski pants (since my carhart bibs didn't 'make it in) and a thermal.
dynamic earth hooked it up with on sale marmot base layer pants.
and i will deal with the helmet when we get there tomorrow.
yes, i am wearing a helmet. i don't care how lame it is. i like being alive and in a non vegetative state.

so...next week you can expect an update on how it went, how bad i hurt, what kind of trouble we got into and maybe, if you are good, some pictures.

but for now.....a goals update.

remember how i wasn't eating out in january? yeah...me neither. FAIL
we totally ate out, but i feel good about the decisions i made and the scale provided the evidence that i was good.
i have worked out at three days a week for each week in january. so, that was a WIN!

on the house a home front, we have painted walls, and now have art in the dining room, hall and bathroom. there is one piece in the living room and i think we are going to round that room out with a big, abstract from a friend of mine. i love the new paint. it makes me happy every day. i will post about it when it is DONE.
here is a little preview:

on the creativity front, i finally started the art i owe people. i wrapped 5 canvasses with fabric last weekend and started painting. they still have a little ways to go, but i the hardest part is out of the way. they will be similar to this piece, which was a show favorite.

two of the five are spoken for. if you are interested in one of the others please get in touch.

i have not started either a quilt or a savings account. all thought the latter is on the agenda for feb.

and as for the blogging?? SUCCESS! thanks for keeping me honest friends.

sorry this isn't longer. or more insightful, but i have colorado on the brain.

until then, be warm and send good thoughts for a safe drive and ski experience!


michelle said...

I love that you are blogging regularly. I also completely felt you on the last bitching post about the expense of skiing. Have a marvelous time!

Di said...

I'm feeling horrible about not being able to bring up a helmet (or extra pants, bibs, goggles, gloves, whatever)! Definite downside to living almost 4 hours away :(

Magandsons said...

Take me with yyyyyoooouuuu....

Love the paint colors! I wanted to do more painting soon with fabulous colors but now it looks like we might sell the house so I'm stuck with BORING neutrals. Bleh!

Karen said...

love the red it goes great with the others you have done...did luna have the whole spectrum on her coat? Have a great trip! Must have pics