doughnuts every day!!!

so...skiiiiiiing was great! i am not great at skiing.
but i don't suck either. so i count that as a win.
we met up after work on thursday, packed the car and headed to frick'n'frack for dinner.
we got on the road around 8.
bryce drove for the first ihavenoideahowlong.
i did my best to stay up as long as i could...you know, because it sucks to be driving when everyone else is sleeping.
i should probably also throw out that i was trained as a small child to sleep on car trips.
i think i made it to just outside manhattan.
at that point i would fall asleep and then wake up to ask bryce if he was doing okay. i later was told that there were strong winds, but that night i thought bryce kept swerving off the road a bit.
i do remember seeing a windfarm in the dark.
just these floating red lights going off and on. each at their own pace.
from a distance it looked like an alien invasion.
when we drove past them it was awesome to see the blades come out of the dark and into the red light, for only a quick moment.
we got into breck at 5:something AM.
went to a gas station and found out that daylight doughnuts would be the first place to open.
we hung out in the car outside until it opened.
daylight doughnuts is so freaking good.
and the people that work there are friendly and helpful.
i ordered a tom macmuffin...scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, english muffin.
and a coffee.
and one dozen doughnut holes.
since it was 6am on a friday there weren't many people there, so we hung out for a while.
teeth were brushed. faces were washed.
tyler, a guy who works there, recommended carvers to us for our ski rentals.
everyone there was helpful. i got a helmet and some mittens and we headed out.
we couldn't get in our room so we changed in the bathroom.
got in the car and drove to the gondola.
some nice old people (is that rude?)  rode with us and told us that i should learn on the greens on peak 8 and then we should go to peak 7 on saturday because it won't be as crowded.
so we get off the gondola. i get my skis on. we get on a lift.
i get off the lift without falling.
i start to go down the mountain.
and then i am going really fast.
this is what i didn't like about skiing last time.
so i really can't remember the whole start of the issue, but i am whizzing past b, who was waiting for me, screaming that i don't know how to stop.
then i see brad so i am yelling, asking him to help.
and then i see kelly, on her board. i believe she was standing.
and then i see the lift.
kelly. or the lift.
friend. or concrete pillar that-at that time i didn't know had a pad on it.
so i chose kelly.
i think i pretty much slide tackled her in my skis.
we ended up in a pile of limbs, skits and laughter.
amazingly no one was injured.
i do have a constantly evolving bruise on my ass, but i will live.
skiing. american honey. red stag. margaritas. beers. jager shots. a 40 of tecate.
and not nearly enough food.
at some point we are done.
and i skied a blue.
then we went to the condo. sat in the hot tub. took showers and headed to main st. for dinner.
someone had suggested giampietro.
we put our names in. agreed to an hour wait. and headed to the bar across the street.
there was a drunken 40 year old in charge of the juke box.
a lovely mix of johnny cash and shitty early 2000's poprockcrap.
when no one was any further than a quarter into their beer, the restaurant called and we had a table.
when b was closing his tab the bartender recommended anything with ricotta in it.
the restaurant is tiny and seemed to do a great deal of take out as well.
it was sooo good. and we were soooooo tired.
brad was too tired to eat.
we went back to the condo and went the eff to sleep.
day two...woke up to a blizzard. a for reals blizzard.
we got going around 9:30. went back to daylight doughnuts for breakfast.
bryce had the most amazing fried cinnamon roll. i had at least half of it.
then we went back to the condo to walk to the lift.
walking uphill, carrying skis, in ski boots made me feel extremely out of shape.
we rode the lift up and then skied over to peak 7.
the trek there was all right.
i pizza....a lot.
my skis cross over each other.
i am really bad at the steep sections. i get up to them. stop. stare at it for a while. and then usually kel would yell for me to just do it.
slow. wide. messy. and usually involving a fall of some sort.
total amateur.
but whatever. i did it.
peak 7 was my favorite.
long runs, with rolling hills and little to no ohshithowthehellamigoingtogetdownthis hills.
it was super cold out and my bandanna face mask was frozen.
next time i will buy a fancy one.
i hate cold face!
around 3:15 we figured we should probably start our trek home.
i was exhausted.
my legs were shaking.
i really just wanted to be done.
then i had my last last sweet yard sale.
it was my hardest fall of that day...until the trek home i had not come out of my skis.
i laid on my back, head facing down the mountain and for the first time thought i was going to cry.
tired. frustrated. over it.
luckily, this was the only time i felt this way the whole trip. and i was worried that was how i was going to feel the whole time.
my cheerleaders were very encouraging and we eventually made it back to the condo.
b, brad and i headed to carvers to return our gear.
it was just as easy and stress free as getting them.
then we scooped up miss.terri and headed back to the condo.
showers. words with friends. drinks.
then to mi casa, on terri's recommendation, for dinner.
again...an hour wait. and again, table in less than 20 minutes.
and it was goooood.
we ate and ate and ate. and decided that once again, we weren't going to make it out past dinner.
so we said good-bye (until sunday) to terri and headed back to the condo.
there were talks of the hot tub, but it was chalk full of drunk co-eds by the time we got back.
drunk nude co-eds.
we all laid around watching rom-coms and bad reality tv.
then all of the sudden there was a loud banging on our door.
we weren't expecting anyone.
it was a drunk guy from the hot tub.
apparently he thought our room was his.
we took turns watching him wander up and down the hall.
then he laid down on the floor and tried to steal coke from the coke machine by putting his arm as far as he could in the opening, while still laying down.
eventually he made his way to the sauna and b opened the sliding door in our room to let his friends know that his drunk ass may be passed out in the sauna.
then we got to enjoy watching all their drunk asses through the peep hole.
kel took video on her iphone.
it is pretty hilarious.
at some point we all passed out.
got up, packed the car and headed out for our last breakfast at daylight doughnuts.
today it was a glazed blueberry caked doughnut for me and half of kel's pine cone.
that's right. we went all three days.
and had doughnuts every time.
this is the only time in my life that i can recall eating doughnuts three days in a row.
take that weight watchers!
we then walked up and down main st. in some bitter cold weather, got coffee and said goodbye to breck.

next stop: silver plume.
we finally made it. holy snow. holy traffic.
what a freaking cute town and terri and shane's bakery, sopp & truscott, is adorable.
and if you drive by silver plume and you don't stop for a lemon bar and some fresh bread, well, you are doing a major disservice to your taste buds!
i can't wait to go back in the summer.
we made one last stop at applejack in denver and then it was my turn to drive.
the best part about driving is that you get musical control.
i put my ipod on shuffle and settled in for a long drive.

animal collective. arcade fire.black keys. bon iver.cheyenne marie mize. the decemberist. the dodos. edward sharpe. fleet foxes. fiona apple.grizzly bear. menomena. mumford & sons.stars.....
i made it to colby and handed off the wheel to kelly. who got us to right outside of topeka. and then brad took us home.
we pulled in around 2:00am monday morning.
so happy to see the dogs and to see b's sister aka the virgin vegan. 
and...i wasn't even THAT sore.

you should expect a blog on my vegan food adventures with muffy sometime soon.
soy cheese? really?

...until then...


Sarah said...

Sounds like a blast! Really looking forward to hearing about the vegan adventures.

Di said...

Again, so jealous. There were several times this last weekend that Ryan and I looked at what we were doing and then one of us would mention how much better it would be in Colorado :( Sounds like you did great though so we'll have to plan a trip for next winter!

terra said...

di, it is so on next year :)