other people's pet's piss

so....i am sure most of you all ready know this, but while i was on vacation i ended up with my neighbor's cat in my apartment. even after i made it as clear as possible that i was going out of town, her cat still managed to do as he pleased...and she still managed to be a total moron.
when erin went over to feed clem and bacon she found romeo in my apartment and a pile of shit on a blanket on my futon. erin was baffled as to how romeo...the cat...got into my apartment, since the screen doors were shut. she (i love you erin) cleaned up the shit and removed the blanket and went down to return the cat and, of course, the neighbor was not home. she called me on vacation. i was shit faced on the beach. it was saturday and erin was working that night. so i call the neighbor and left her a message that i was away on vacation, as i told her, and that her cat ended up in my apartment, so if she wanted to get him before tomorrow night she would have to go to the bar, get my keys from erin, get her cat and take the keys back...which she did. when i came home on monday i went to julie's birthday party and then came home and went to bed. tuesday night gretchen and i signed our lease (oooh! i need to tell you about the new place) and then met jill at harry's to celebrate and soak in the nice weather. jill and i went back to my place for mac and cheese and i discovered a large pile of shit hiding in the blanket on my couch. now if you have a pet you know what your pets shit looks like. it is just part of the gig. i don't think it is possible for either of the ladies to deliver a BM of that size. i cleaned it up and put the blanket with the other soiled one and headed to my room to catch up on the office. after zumba on wednesday it was my turn to have the ladies over for dinner. they all sat in the dining room while i was cooking. after dinner we retired to the living room. for the first time since being home i was finally going to be able to relax in my living room...i sat on the futon with loren and immediately smelled it. we sat on the edge and tried to ignore it, but it stunk. when loren and amanda left i sat on the couch with jill....it stunk too. so as jill was leaving a febreezed the hell out of both of them and went to bed. when i got home from the gym last night i took the covers off. in the light i can see that what i thought was pee is spray. a cat is not able to cover the entire back AND seat of my couch with urine. male cat spray. great.
i can barely stand to be in that room at all.
landlord says it isn't his fault.
renters insurance doesn't cover damage by animals.
the neighbor is at work and will call me tonight.
my mom has suggested white wine vinnegar. just how i wanted to spend my friday....cleaning up someone else's animal's piss out of my furniture.
i am lucky clem and bacon haven't started peeing too.
i hope i can get the smell out.
i really just want it gone.
i can't wait to move.

my neighbor is being really cool about the situation. this makes it all a lot less stressful.
my apartment now smells like vinegar...and i hope it works.


Dana said...

or the regular one, of NATURE'S MIRACLE- it's a tall white bottle with black text and animal pics, and a red cap.

This stuff ACTUALLY neutralized the stuff in the cat pee so your cats will not be angry at the futon- and it won't SMELL to you anymore.

It's the best stuff on the market- regular cleaners don't actually break down the enzymes in the cat piss, but this does. Just follow the bottle directions as best you can.

Trust me- my boyfriend has worked for City Dog for 3 years, and with all the kitty and doggie pet sitting, he has seen, and had to clean up some really horrible messes.

Good luck, and congrats on the new place!!

Dana said...

The top part of my comment disappeared- weird. I was trying to say- there is a regular and cat version of Nature's Miracle and just buy which ever you can find- they will both work.