i hate goodbyes.

liz left this morning and left me with a ton of great pictures and even more great memories. her timing was perfect. i needed her to be, at the least, on this side of the world and it was even better to have her here in kc. i have kept myself busy for most of the day since she left. now i have been home for a couple of hours, winding down from a long and wonderful weekend, and it is setting in that my best friend is headed to the other side of the country. it doesn't feel like last time. i didn't have to take her to the airport and sit in my car bawling before making the drive home. she will be back for amanda's wedding in november and she is not out of the country. i can pick up the phone and call her. it takes much less time to save $300 than $1200. and goddamnit i love new york city. but i will still miss her. and i am still sitting here crying.
nothing has been able to cheer me up lately quite like a "hey girl" and a hug from my girl liz. life has been interesting in the last few months and i needed a nice big dose of her.
more than anything so i can remind myself, here is what is playing through my mind...
the first hug from someone you have been counting down the days to see, the most intense game of skipbo ever, mgmt, arts and crafts in springfield, mom playing skipbo with us, dad's poopy pants over the grill, sitting out back smoking, the trip to the farm, romeo y julieta, michael phelps winning his last metal, getting too low, the guy with the hot dog, keeping me sane while i was in indy, the fucking geo tracker (fav memory- your arrival at kickball), airport face, girltalk, getting to know this amazing guy that makes you so happy,stars, adam meeting the parents, chickpics, prank phone calls, that bits still knows she is yours, spending time with liana, kings of leon, dancing our asses off at nomath, long talks about life, cherry lime aides, catching up only to realize that we didn't need to...
i will see you soon friend.
nyc will look fabulous on you.



elizabeth said...

god dang, i love you.

terra said...

i love you too sister.