you made me feel like walking away from you was going to be my greatest regret.
you told me that no one would love me the way that you did.
you told me you wished that one of us would have cheated so it felt more "official".
you made me feel petty and materialistic for wanting the things i wanted.
you made me feel like a sell out for the career path i have chosen.
you made me feel unappreciated.
you made me think that things would get better.
you refused to see how your actions made me feel.
you would never argue with me, when it could have saved us.
you made me feel like i needed to take care of you.
you made me push you to do things you should have done on your own.
you made me feel like an asshole for wanting more out of you.
you have moved on and replaced me and i thought it would hurt more than it does.

i just wonder if you treat her differently than you treated me or if you really were able to find a girl who is just fine with you telling her how you feel and never fucking showing it.


Erin is Fabulous said...

get it girl!

boys are dumb.

terra said...

not all of them.
and he was dumb in ways
and in other ways he was amazing.

it just wasn't enough.

terra said...

i also would like to make a note that i realize that i made this post after posting about internet dating...which makes me look like a hypocrite. but i have my reasoning and i don't feel like sharing it with you.
just know that i know...